Building Below Zero: The Net Zero Plus Transformation - PBS Documentary 

​Actor and environmentalist Ted Danson narrates this examination of the Net Zero Plus Transformation: buildings that produce and store more energy than they consume, lowering greenhouse gas emissions and potentially impacting global climate change.

The documentary showcases two buildings which ReNewAll secured project finance for: Net Zero Plus Electrical Training Institute in Commerce, California and the Hilton Hotel Los Angeles/Universal City.

What Others Say

“ReNewAll is a valued partner of the Catholic Diocese of San Diego. ReNewAll developed and is implementing a superb process enabling our parishes and schools to go solar as quickly as possible, while successfully securing a finance structure and partner that meets all diocese covenants. We are excited.” – Mark Fisher, Chief Financial Officer, Catholic Diocese of San Diego

“ReNewAll is fiercely loyal and deeply respected. These guys are one of the best partners we could have in generating pipelines of work and supporting the renewal of the union movement and middle class in America.” – Dick Reed, President, IBEW Local 11

"IronWorkers Local 433, 416, the District Council and our signatory contractors are proud to partner with ReNewAll to insure high quality union labor is built into seismic and electric retrofits. We will help the City of Los Angeles, through proper implementation and doing the work of the new seismic retrofit mandate, a safer place for all its residents and guests.” – Mike Silvey, Business Manager, Ironworkers Local 433.

"ReNewAll is the best investment we have made!"

-Howard Choy, Director, Los Angeles County Office of Sustainability

"ReNewAll is our full partner.  We could not have undertaken this $7M PACE energy efficiency retrofit without them."

-Mark Davis, General Manager, Hilton Los Angeles/Universal City

"This Hilton Los Angeles/Universal City energy efficiency retrofit project, which RenewAll has developed, is the largest in the country and constitutes an historic moment for our city."

-Honorable Eric Garcetti, Mayor of the City of Los Angeles

"ReNewAll has developed the best practice energy efficiency retrofit in the country here at Hilton Los Angeles/Universal City!  I will press Mayor Garcetti to present this to the US Mayor's Conference."

-Mayor and California Speaker Emeritus Willie Brown, San Francisco

"ReNewAll is THE energy efficiency and energy generation project developers for the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 11 and LA chapter of the National Electrical Contractor's Association (NECA)"

-Dave Gomez, Executive Director, Los Angeles IBEW/NECA Business Development

"ReNewAll is the best out there.  They have opened up new jobs for O'Bryant and are professionals at the highest level."

-Greg Zychovick, Service Director, O'Bryant Electric

"These guys are best-in-class.  Gexpro is proud to partner with ReNewAll wherever and however we can."

-Felippe Marques, Global Hospitality Director, Gexpro

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The ICP Investor Network is comprised of energy efficiency investors who recognize the value of standardized investor Ready Energy Efficiency™ (IREE) projects - Investor Confidence Project

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